Incident Reports

I trusted dr. lawerence angelo cuzalina & today that is the biggest regret of my life.

Here, I will be publishing details (lots of it, were possible) for some of the incidents. (Note: Only one example below, as time permits, I will work on publishing all)

  1. Aug 4 2012:
    In an SMS angelo cuzalina writes: ... "Birthday party today for little girl"....
    However, in police complaint (Read: "Police Complaint + FACTS" page for additional details), angelo cuzalina writes:
    July 19, 2012: "Told nurse he wanted Dr. Cuzalina to suffer".

    So here is a simple question: If someone wants to hurt you & wants you to suffer, just how likely are you to provide that person with details of your little 3 year  old daughter's birthday party?

    Just why is angelo cuzalina doing this? On one hand he is saying that, I was giving threats (gun & murder), while on other hand, angelo cuzalina is not only sending me picture of his 3 year old daughter,  but is also keeping me well informed  about the Aug 4th birthday party that he was having for his daughter. (P.S. Party was on Aug 4th, but  his daughter's birthday is not on Aug 4th)
  2. .... There are many (& I do mean many) crazy & unbelievable incidents. Will publish details related to them in coming days.

My life is already ruined, dont' let this happen to you!!!