Questions (& answers)

My first surgery with dr. angelo cuzalina was in 2006 & right now we are in 2014. During this period, angelo cuzalina performed 20+ surgeries (along with procedure(s) that were done using local anesthesia). On this page, I have tried to answer some of the most common questions. Considering the fact that it would not be practical to write 5 to 10 page response to every question, I have kept below answers short & simple. However, if I have missed your question(s) or if you have any questions or thoughts regarding my case or this website, please do not hesitate to ask me & I promise to do my best.

Q: How did you first meet angelo cuzalina?
A: When I first decided to get the surgery, I did online research & made a list of about 11 potential surgeons. After that I did some more online research/reading, to learn (a) If they had any bad things in their work history & (b) if there were any stories of terrible outcomes of their work. After all these, I decided it was time to talk with the surgeons themselves & angelo cuzalina was the third & final surgeon I talked with. In other words, I did my research & also not to mention, angelo cuzalina was not the cheapest either, if I recall correctly, his fees were higher than the other surgeon I had talked with.
Q: You allowed angelo cuzalina to operate on you for these many times, did you consider getting second opinion or talking with any other surgeons?
A: During the course of the treatment, I had consulted with two other surgeons (in New York). The fact that during that time (2011) angelo cuzalina was not only the President of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, but was also giving me assurance that he is discussing my case with other surgeons (because of his position, I am sure you will also agree that he is likely to have good surgeons in his network - or at least that is what I was lead to believe), was one of the selling point. After considering this & other factors, I made the mistake of trusting angelo cuzalina & today that is the biggest regret of my life !
Q: Was angelo cuzalina the only surgeon that has operated on you so far?
A: Yes. For all the surgeries angelo cuzalina was the lead surgeon & also responsible for all the medical & surgical decisions.
Q: angelo cuzalina has made a note in your medical records (Dec 28, 2011) that he had doubts that you might consider ending your life. (assumption: because of all the failed surgeries & never ending pain), is this true?
A: In one word? 'Yes'.
These failed surgeries at the hands of angelo cuzalina has been the cause of inhumane amount of physical & emotional pain. Though, I wish that I had strenght to deal with any kind & amount of pain,  but the truth is, 20+ failed surgeries & about 3 years of non-stop pain appears to be more than what I can handle. Because of these failed surgeries & the time I have lost, many a times I find myself wishing to die - as  at least that would end my pain.
Q: What do you hope to achieve with this fight & by making this website?
A: It would be very easy to say, 'Justice'!, however, I believe it would not be the complete truth. As achieving justice is not enough. The purpose of this fight is to make sure that no one else has to suffer the pain that I was made to endure. Based on what I have learned, I believe that this nightmare could have been avoided & my life could have been saved from being ruined. However that did not happen - & though I cannot undo the time, I can at least try to make sure that my story reaches out to all those who might be considering elective surgery. I hope that my story helps others & saves them from having to endure similar pain.

My life is already ruined, dont' let this happen to you!!!