I know what I have lost & what type of pain I have lived through. I also understand that the nightmare cannot be undone & I will never be able to forget the terrible pain that I had to endure because of these failed surgeries.

These scars may stop hurting after some time - however the nightmares of these failed surgeries & the pain will last forever. I wish there was something I can do to perhaps forget this pain, at least for a little while. .......

Incident Reports

I trusted dr. lawerence angelo cuzalina & today that is the biggest regret of my life.

Here, I will be publishing details (lots of it, were possible) for some of the incidents.

Please Read "Incident Reports" page for complete list of such events. As time permits, I will publish all details along with photographs.

I have been breathing through a tube since late Aug 2011. (because of angelo cuzalina's failures)

Though I am able to remove this tube, (a) to clean the nostril or the tube, (b) when it gets extremely frustrating and/or annoying, However, it is generally for a short amount of time. I can't think of a day (since late Aug 2011) when I wasn't depended on the tube to breathe.
It sucks, , it's disgusting , it's frustrating, it's annoying & it also adds to the existing pain, but right now it is apparently the only way for me to stay alive.

Plastic Surgery Tulsa: angelo cuzalina reviews (aka My Plastic Surgery Nightmare)

My painful experiences (tons of surgeries & revision surgeries) with dr. angelo cuzalina of tulsa surgical arts led me to create this site. I hope this information can help others in making right decision & can save them from the nightmare that I had to live with.

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My life is already ruined, dont' let this happen to you!!!